16 – 17 March 2015

Final Conference of the ID-Project, Bolzano

In occasion of the final conference of the ID-Coop project, experts of cooperativism and members of cooperatives met at the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano. Günther Rautz moderated the event which saw the presence of the Provincial Councilor for Cooperation Christian Tommasini, cooperativism experts Alberto Stenico (Legacoopbund), Oscar Kiesswetter (Società Cooperativa di ricerca per l’innovazione sociale SOPHIA), Armin Bernhard (SOPHIA), Paola Cardinaletti (Coopservizi Società Cooperativa), Hubert Obwegs (Raiffeisenkasse Gadertal) and members of the ID-Coop cooperatives, who shared their experiences.

At the final conference the book “ID-COOP. A story of linguistic minorities and cooperativism” was presented to the participants. Edited by Oscar Kiesswetter, the book focuses on the issue of cooperativism, the linguistic minorities of the Ladin, Friulan and Slovenian people in Italy and Austria and the cooperatives created by them.

For more information, seeID-Coop_Programm-a-Abschlusskonferenz-Convegno_Finale.pdf


Book 'ID-Coop. A story of linguistic minorities and cooperativism'

Article on the periodical 'Corriere dell'Alto Adige' (in Italian)

Article on 'FriuliOnline' (in Italian)

Article on the website of the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (in Friulan)

Immagines from the final conference

7 February 2014

 Presentation of the Cooperative "Informazione Friulana", Udine 

Cooperatives were the main topic during the public presentation of the cooperative "Informazione Friulana". Günther Rautz (EURAC) presented the ID-Coop Project and Paolo Cantarutti (Informazione Friulana) outlined the various activities and projects of the radio station "Onde Furlane", which is part of the cooperative "Informazione Friulana". Subsequently, all participants were invited to visit the radio station "Onde Furlane", where they enjoyed a performance of the Friulan band "Luna E Un Quarto".

For more information, seeID-Coop_Partner_Meeting_Udine_Program.pdf

ORF Kärnten article (in German)

RTV Koper/Capodistria contribution (in Italian)

Article on the periodical 'Il Friuli' (in Friulan)

Article on the periodical 'La Patrie dal Friûl' (in Friulan)


13, 14, 15 November 2013

Evening events on Cooperativism, Eberndorf/Ludmannsdorf/Feistritz an der Gail, Austria

In Carinthia, three public evening events were organized on the issue of cooperativism. Günther Rautz (EURAC) presented the ID Coop project and its intermediate results for Carinthia. Elisabeth Reiner (Vienna University of Economics) and Oscar Kiesswetter (SOPHIA – Cooperative for social innovation and research) demonstrated the cooperatives' possibilities and limits as regional cooperation models.

For more information, see ID-Coop_invitation_program.pdf (in German).

ORF Web & Radio contribution (in Slovene)

ORF Web contribution (in Slovene)

Pictures from the events


Oktober 2013

The ID-Coop project won the 3rd price of the regionality contest of Carinthia 2013 in the category ‘Alps-Adria & Europe’! Congratulations to all the collaborators of the ID-Coop project!


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Pictures of the event


​13 September 2013

ID-Coop Forum, „Identity and Cooperation: Chances of mutual growth", Monfalcone, Gorizia

During the ID-Coop Forum, a public event, the topic of cooperatives and their potential as a form of economic and cultural growth have been discussed. Alberto Stenico (Legacoop – Provincial Association of Cooperatives South Tyrol), Loris Asquini (Legacoop Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Alberto Zamattio (Representative of the Directorate General of Employment and Education in the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia) presented various points of connection and opportunities of development of cooperatives. In addition, Alexandra Tomaselli (EURAC) introduced the ID-Coop project to the public.

For more information, see ID-Coop_Evento_pubblico_Monfalcone.pdf (in Italian).


8 November 2012

World Café, "Cooperatives in Italy and Austria, EURAC, Bolzano

Cooperatives in Italy and Austria were the topic of the world café (lunch and debate) organised in the context of the opening workshop of the Interreg Italy-Austria project "ID-Coop". Experts Alberto Stenico (Legacoop – Union of Cooperatives in South Tyrol), Elisabeth Reiner (Research Institute for Co-operations and Co-operatives , Austria)  and Urban Nothdurfter (Free University of Bolzano) lead the discussions during the event.

For more information, see ID_Coop_WorldCafe_Programme.pdf (in Italian).


27 November 2012

Linguistic Communities in the New Europe, Europalace Monfalcone, TS

The conference, "Linguistic Communities in the New Europe and linguistic skills in crossborder relations", was organised in the context of the town twinning of Monfalcone (Trieste) and Neumarkt/Egna (Bolzano).

Silvia Altran (Mayor of Monfalcone), Giuseppe Napoli (Direttore Regionale Servizio Lingue minoritarie), Boris Pacor (writer), Silvana Facchin Schiavo (EUNoM, European Universities Network), Maurizio Tremul (President Unione degli Italiani), Fabio Scropetta (President Circolo di Cultura Istro Veneta – Istria), Franco Braida (President Fogolar Furlan) and Anna Treumüller (Neumarkt/Egna) participated. Alexandra Tomaselli (EURAC) presented the objectives and activities of the Interreg Italy-Austria "ID-Coop" project.

For more information, see Event_Monfalcone_Programme.pdf (in Italian).