Linguistic Minorities

A linguistic minority is a community that uses a language different from the one spoken by the national majority. So-called autochthonous, or historical, linguistic minorities such as the Basques or the German-speaking South Tyroleans, have lived in their regions for a long time before the formation of nation-states and the establishment of national borders made them "minorities". Groups that migrated in the more recent past are called allochthonous or "new" minorities. The Turkish population of Germany or Northern Africans in France are examples of such a minority.

Three historical linguistic minorities live within the area of the ID-Coop project: the Ladins in Trentino-South Tyrol and Belluno, the Slovenes in Udine, Gorizia and Trieste, and the Friulians in Udine, Pordenone and Gorizia. They speak the language of a neighboring state (Slovenes) or a language specific to their region (Ladins, Friulians). All of them are legally recognized, but the specific minority rights and their implementation differ significantly from one region to another. This makes it more difficult for minorities to collaborate and interact with each other.

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The Slovenes

The Friulians

The Ladins




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